Sunday, 2 December 2018

Love me, Crazy by Laura Burton

As I read a fair bit (understatement of the century, lol) a fellow blogger Laura’sBeautiful World has asked me to read and review her book.

The prologue starts just before Sophie’s wedding when her mother Audrey reminisces about how she met Sophie’s father and it wasn’t as simple as ‘meeting him at a party’ as Sophie was led to believe. The main story starts when Audrey was working as a teacher in a private girls’ school in Bristol and she meets Reverend Tom who falls in love and then obsession with her.

I’m not someone who has had a lot of boyfriends (in fact, before my husband, my longest relationship was only 6 weeks) and yet I’ve had not one, but two boyfriends threaten to have my name shaved in the back of their head and I’ve had yet another boyfriend who told me that we were going to get married because he could tell by the look in my eyes. Err, yes, umm, well, this is awkward...

The author describes the book as:
A bride catches a case of cold feet on her wedding day, she’s not sure if she could really have a happy ending. What if things fall apart? Her mother shares her story that things can get pretty ugly but love conquers all. This is Audrey’s story, and prepare yourself for a bumpy ride, things are about to get pretty crazy! 

The book is an easy to read chick lit. It’s very enjoyable, and by halfway through I was addicted. There are some twists and turns, so isn’t a straight romance, but would come under sweet or cosy romance subgenre. I’d recommend it for women of all ages from 18-80+, because no matter where you are in your life, you will either empathise with the protagonist at the age you are, or you will look back on dating, funny experiences and remember your first kiss.

It’s not been released yet (Click here to Pre-OrderBUT you can win a signed copy in this competition here.

Edit: the book has now been released:

This was an honest review written previously, however as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, and the link has been edited accordingly.

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